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Product Trials

Product Trial FAQ's

How do product trials work?

If you wish to have a trial of an eligible product, please tick the box "Yes I'd like to trial this product". 

How much will it cost for a product trial?

If you choose to buy a product with a trial service, you will pay the full amount of the products price. Should you wish to return the item you will receive a refund for the price of the product less £15.

How long does a product trial last for?

You have the opportunity to try eligible products for 14 days. The first day of the trial begins from the date of delivery and the item should be posted back to us within 14 days.

What condition will the product be in when I receive it, if I select a trial item?

Due to the nature of trials, when you choose the option for a trial you may be sent either a brand new or a used product. If you wish to keep the used product you may be offered a discount, this information will be sent in the parcel along with your order. If you decide to keep the item, but would prefer a brand new item you can of course send the used one back to us and we will dispatch a new one free of charge.

How do I return the item?

You will need to send the item back to us either via post or courier. We cannot accept responsibility for any items lost in the post. It is up to you as the sender to ensure you have appropriate cover for the item.

Which products are available for trial?

You can find all our current products that are available with a trial service here.